Cute Kid’s Poncho – Crochet a Day Away

Over the weekend, to avoid the stress that was closing in on me from all sides, ahem, the election, I used one of my super powers to help me unwind.

The ability to bend yarn into any shape I desire using nothing but a small tool shaped like a hook, aka crochet, is a fairly new skill for me  but I’ve already fallen hopelessly in love with the art of twisting yarn into cozy soft beautiful things.

I’m still learning all the basics such as how to measure gauge and how to read crochet patterns but I think I’m coming along pretty well for a beginner.

I spent about a day creating this cute kid’s poncho for one of my granddaughters.


Please pardon my lack of photography skills, I’m working on learning more about taking good photos.  In the meantime, oh well.

How I Made This Cute Poncho

To make the poncho I used two skeins of Caron brand Simply Soft yarn; one of the colors was Pagoda and the other was Blue Mint with a 5.50 MM hook.

Through some trial and error, I improvised the adult-sized Cool Poncho pattern at Yarnspirations to make it a child size by starting with a 43 stitch chain instead of the 58 chains they suggested.

My granddaughter is 5 and she hasn’t tried it on yet because I need to make another one for her sister before I can give it to her but I’m pretty sure it will fit.  And even if it’s not a perfect fit, it’s okay because ponchos are very forgiving like that.  They can be worn a little too big and a little too small and still look great.





About Robin

I'm a former community manager of a now defunct lifestyle site who's been writing online, and off, for over fifteen years. My passions include my family, my cat, reading, writing, crochet, and yarn art. I've decided to stitch all of those things together by way of my new blog, Imperial Crochet. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
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