Legacy – I Can Listen To Bowie Again

Today, David Bowie’s Legacy album became available at Amazon and I was one of the first to buy the cd.

Yes, I know.

I was informed by one of my children that NOBODY buys cds anymore.

BUT that is one of the many super powers I’ve developed being a mom all of these years; the ability to not give a crap what everyone else is doing.

I have loved David Bowie ever since the first time I heard Space Oddity on the brand new am-fm STEREO that I got for my 13th birthday back in 1973.  It was the very first song that came on the radio as I turned it on.  I can still remember how the countdown coming from a separate speaker gave me chills.  It was amazing and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Buying the Legacy cd means that when it arrives, I can add the discs to my collection of every album Bowie has ever made and also (best of all) download and listen to the album using Amazon Music, immediately and forever and ever.

I was completely devastated when the star man passed away early this year and I can honestly say that this it the first time I’ve been able to play and enjoy an album of his since that day.

Legacy has 40 songs from throughout Bowie’s many years of making awesome music.

All of them are my favorite song.



Legacy on Amazon Music


I miss him not being here to make new music but I also realized today that by avoiding his music, unless it came on the radio by surprise, I was missing out on listening to the melody that has been the backdrop of my entire adult life.

David Bowie’s music took me through a lot of bad times, and also a lot of very good times.  Listening to him makes me feel like dancing, and singing, and just plain HAPPY.

And here he is… again, making me happy… again, taking me out of a period of mourning that has gone on for far too long.

Rest in Peace David Bowie.  Thank you for a lifetime’s worth of song.


Here’s a link to the album at Amazon.com in case you want to see the complete playlist or purchase one for yourself.  David Bowie Legacy  FYI: I’m an Amazon affiliate which means if you do buy one, I’ll earn a few pennies. Learn More.


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