Lancome Gift with Purchase Holiday 2016 Review

Before I get started I need to say that I LOVE Lancôme mascara and I’ve been using it on and off since 2006.  That said, I know a good deal when I see one and this year’s Gift with Purchase from Lancôme is an unbelievable bargain.  With the purchase of one item, for the additional cost of just two more products you get approximately $300.00 worth of cosmetics for free.  Seriously!  I could NOT pass this up.

Lancome gift with purchase 2016

Look at all of the stuff I got for an additional $60.00!  Ten eyeshadows, two lipsticks, a lip gloss, make up remover, eye liner, mascara, mascara base (which I had already gotten a sample of and loved) two make up brushes, a blush and a highlighter, two make up bags, (I love the big one especially.  It’s so cute and French!) and a small bottle of Genifique.

For my purchase, I chose a lip liner so the total spent was under $100.00 and the value of the gift set was something like $342.00.


I am so happy that I decided to splurge on some new black mascara or I might not have been made aware of this great deal that’s being offered. The gift set had everything I could possibly want except for the lip liner which I gladly purchased.

If you know someone who loves Lancôme make up, and you need a great gift for them,  Mom? Wife? Girl friend? I highly recommend this set.  It comes in warm or cool.  Many of the items are the same in both sets except for the lipstick, cheek, and eye shadow colors.

I got mine at but I believe you can find them online and at other department stores as well.

This is a classic case of spending money to save money but for me, this time, it was totally worth it.  Especially since I’m starting a new job and needed a complete update to my make up collection, and my look.

P.S. I was encouraged to start wearing more make up by following my good friend’s beauty blog.  If you love make up, be sure to visit her at Queen of the Girl Geeks.

Also wanted to point out that this is NOT an affiliate post.  All opinions are my own and I have NOT been compensated, nor will I be if you click on any of the links in this post.  I just wanted to spread the Lancôme love.



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  1. I love this set so much and now I want to get one!

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